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Walking Paws Ipswich
Our Services Provide: Home Boarding - Dog Walking - Pet Sitting - Day Care

Walking Paws Ipswich   

Dog Walking Services

Keep Your Dog Happy and Stimulated

Dogs are meant to explore, discover new scents and move in a pack. Walking Paws Ipswich is focused on providing your dog the opportunity to enjoy this freedom in a controlled and safe setting in Ipswich. We have the experience and dedication needed to help your dog get the mental and physical stimulation it deserves.

We are friendly, approachable, accommodating and most importantly dog loving. The welfare of your dog is our priority, and while your pet is in our care whether walking or boarding, you can feel assured that your mind will be at peace.

Our Promise

We are Ade and Sue, We provide your dog with the opportunity to interact with other well behaved dogs in a happy environment. Our walks will give your dog the opportunity to explore new areas and scents, while exercising and maintaining the sociability needed to be out in public

We ensure that your dog will be returned safely, happy, and tired with its experience. Contact us at 07506 164523 or 07908606796 today to schedule your dog’s next walk!